Tribute to Amar Lulla

Amar Lulla
Amar Lulla 1948 - 2011

They speak in broken words
And hushed tones
We understand
After all
An Amar Lulla does not fall ill

But don’t they know
Those bonded to you
By love
Know when it pains?

You enter hearts
Easily as you conquer minds
Through a hundred small gestures
And a large hug

Your smile is ever young
Never to fade
Even after all bodies do
As they must

In troubles it comforts
To know you are there

Every joy doubles
When shared with you

You will ever be
An identifiable angel
A benevolent shade
Over a thousand saplings
You nurtured

Your name
Was no accident

(This was e-mailed to him on July 17, 2009 on learning he was ill and his reply read: “God Bless you all with good health and happiness. Best wishes.”)


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