In sight

Ever been on the railway bridge at Dadar, the one that links Western Railway and Central Railway? This bridge has a special effect on everyone who uses it, whether you are from Mumbai or not. You speed up. You may be in no particular hurry, but hurry you do. You may be crushed between bodies pulling and pushing in different directions and going nowhere but, in your mind, you will urge them all to drop dead, disappear, do whatever it takes so that you can keep moving.

The other day, I too was hurrying on this bridge when I noticed a blind vendor struggling to hold his place in the periphery. Just then a seller of lottery tickets, also blind, moved close to him and started belting out his sales pitch. “Buy now and go home a millionaire … just five rupees … luck does not wait!”

The other vendor suddenly stirred into action. “Hey! You are here too? You didn’t tell me.”

The lottery seller replied: “Sorry, I didn’t see you!”

As the human tsunami deposited me inside the train, I thought there was a joke somewhere in their exchange. Maybe they did not see it.

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