“They really ought to meet your mother”

Sarah KayFive reasons why.

  1. The secret to a good presentation is being comfortable with yourself, having great confidence in your message and, simply, enjoying yourself up on the stage. Heard that before? See it afresh now.
  2. You do not have to be a corporate or a political performer to win a standing ovation twice in 15 minutes. You can be a poet.
  3. Poetry and theater can combine to energize you, even if either by itself puts you to sleep.
  4. The greatest happiness is in pursuing your heart, never mind your head’s umpteen protests.
  5. As Sarah says, the world is made out of sugar. “Don’t be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.” And when the cynics try to overwhelm you, “tell them they really ought to meet your mother.”

Mother’s Day is on May 13. If you do not believe in such “days”, you do not have to wait for it to see Sarah Kay in action, with your mom if possible, or at least read her B.



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