Too busy to learn? Try Bcc!

Email address fields with Coach in Bcc field

His energy was infectious. Not yet 30, he had already reached the top at the institute, where he ran the show and also taught. He always described himself as a small man in a small place in a small town. His ambition was big.

I was not surprised when an email announced that he was starting a new institute. I was happy to help him with the launch. Ever the learner, he was very enthusiastic about taking up coaching in writing.

He sent me the first document, an email exhorting his team to do better. I analyzed that and sent it back with my comments. He was expected to rework the communication and send it back. Nothing happened for more than a week.

Finally, worried about his long silence, I called him up. He was very apologetic about not working on the communication. He was busy expanding to five other cities and simply didn’t have the time to devote to perfecting one tiny communication.

He came up with a solution. “I must improve my writing. I will mark you a Bcc of every important communication that I initiate or approve. You reply with your comments as usual.”

So, that’s where it stands. Rarely does he rework a document, as I keep requesting him to. But he makes it a point to read every comment. The result shows in his steady improvement.

He really does not need a coach any more. But he insists on continuing the Bcc model of learning. “I get a different view point. That is important. Sometimes my writing does not keep up with my thinking. Your comments bring me back on track.”

And I keep learning from him—to remain positive, to work out a solution and, always, to keep learning.

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