Too many pearls and surprised skirts

Water drops on leaf

Constantly scurrying from one concrete cave to another in our mechanical monsters, do we pause to wonder how tiny and vulnerable we really are? Yes, we do! At least once every year, when it ought to rain, but it doesn’t.

And when it does, we feel all is well again and go back to being what we have become.

Pause a moment more and surrender your senses to the drops of life. Then, like I did, you will see all this … and more.

wet leaves of the jade plant

wind has swept clean

the soiled field

the seeds will drop clear

and sprout green

a billion bubbles burst

on the flowing road

inconsiderate drops of rain

are the main accused

wet christmas tree leaves

a greedy spider

is homeless

it collected too many pearls

to hang at home

it was pouring all night

yet this tree wants more

see it stoop

to lap up the puddles

 two wet leaves

too much fun is too bad

warn silent crows

atop the ruins of the branch

that was dancing all night

the palm is now a slide

water races down

bubbling in mirth

and jumps at the bend

 red flowers, wet

pretty pigeon

is sulking

a bunch of sparrows

muddied her mirror

the upturning of the umbrella

was only a trick

as the rogue of a wind

surprised her skirt

water on railing


6 thoughts on “Too many pearls and surprised skirts”

  1. and then i saw her dimpled smile
    radiating the aura all around
    the drop of rain perched on her eyelash
    tempting my parched lips to peck it off

  2. This is lovely! I really liked it… especially since Delhi has been forgotten by the pearls… and upturned umbrellas this season…

    1. And there I was in wet wet Mumbai seeing images of a very wet Delhi on TV and wondering when the rains would come to Pune. Now, happily collecting my pearls!

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