In transit

train silhouette against evening sky

I am at the station an hour before the scheduled time of departure. I never take chances. I would rather be a day early than pant in at the last moment.

I know the platform number and the position of my coach. I sit and wait. All I need to do when the train arrives is take a few steps and board, as easy as that.

It is past arrival time but there is no sign of the train. Is something wrong? I stop a passer-by.

“Is the train late?”

“Which train?”

I tell him.

“There is no such train.”

What! Is he pulling my leg?

“I have a ticket for that train.”

He walks away. Is this a joke? Or is he just crazy? But where is the train?

I spot the black coat of a railway officer in the distance and rush there. The feel of the ticket in my pocket is reassuring.

“Excuse me, when will this train arrive?”

“Which train?”

I tell him.

“There is no such train.”

“But look here, I have my ticket—first class.”

He smirks and walks away.

Nonsense! I have studied the timetable. I know the main stations on the way. I know how long the train halts at each station.

Is this a dream? Am I dozing, sitting on the bench?

rail tracks with multiple points

Here comes the train! At last!

I scramble to find my coach. Wait a minute! This is not my train. Is this train late? Will mine come later? The guard should know.

“Excuse me, sir. You know I have this ticket, first class ticket, for this train and—“

“Which train did you say?”

I tell him.

“There is no such train.”

“Don’t you start that again! This ticket—”

“I know. But I assure you there is no such train.”

I am ready to collapse. He takes pity on me.

“Maybe I can arrange to take you in this train. It doesn’t go where you want to go but it will be going somewhere.”

I thank him. I am suddenly determined. I will make it and to my place.

I approach the station master. With an exaggerated show of boredom, he pulls a crumbling register towards him and starts writing.

My name, address, intended destination ….

“Now go around to the other side, collect a form, fill it up and bring it back here.”

I want to pluck him out of his chair. With an effort I check myself. I must play it cool. This is their game. I must beat them at that.

I live through the queues. I get the form, fill it up, get it checked, get it verified and, finally, slap it down on the last table. Without a glance, it is stuffed into a box overflowing with forms.

I stumble out with a card that has reduced my identity to a number. If and when they schedule a train, suiting my purpose and going in my general direction, they will inform me. Till then, I must strictly refrain from making inquiries.

diploma certificate on train wheelsI waited. And I waited. Then I waited some more.

Finally, I started making my own attempts. Hesitantly at first, biting back all that rose to my throat. Then, very often.

Some wanted to have a look at me. Some asked questions that had nothing to do with my proposed journey. I always played the suppliant dumb. They always turned me down.

The stagnation was killing. I knew I had to move to survive. It no longer mattered where.

At long last, a train took me on.

I forget when I started this journey. I am not sure where I am going.

At times, I take out my tattered ticket just to look at it. On it is the place where I will be king.


8 thoughts on “In transit”

  1. Don’t know what the intention of the story was, but it gave me creeps. made me feel scary. Maybe I did not understand the story.

    1. As I see it, there is no set way to understand a “story”. If it gave you the “creeps” that is how you chose to understand it. Which is fine! Thanks for reading it and responding.

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