Bye baby, don’t have a blast

Composite image of two boys watching collage of news headlines about bomb blasts

time was
when parent sent
child to school
with just
“take care when you cross the road”
time is
“don’t touch anything strange
look around you before you sit
avoid crowded places
but don’t be alone
trust none
I may be late reaching home
hopefully in one piece
may stop to pick up other’s pieces
wipe blood
or give some
but you try
and get some extra milk and bread
may be bandh
to protest today”

Image of children:

4 thoughts on “Bye baby, don’t have a blast”

  1. Indeed yes! I think about this a lot. How the world has changed since we went to school… a lot of convenience has been injected into our children’s lives thanks to hyperconnectedness…. look at what else we gifted our kids…? It is the faith of our times… so different from our parents’ faith – our lack of faith!

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