Christmas must go; stay merry

Fireworks and stars

Last week I was at a school in another city. Little children were practicing in the hall for their Christmas play.

Happily, the glass door that separated the hall from the office, where I was sitting, did not shut out the music and all the laughter. Teachers were rushing about, eager to get things ready.

I noticed a young teacher taking some papers to another room. She pushed the office door open and hurried across the hall to reach wherever she was going. All of a sudden she started dancing, even as she kept walking. She did not pay attention to the children or the other teachers in the hall. For those few moments, it looked as if she was aware of nothing but the music.

After a while, she returned, still dancing. It took some time for her dance to settle down to a normal walk as she re-entered the office. She caught my eyes and smiled. She radiated pure joy.

Soon it will be time to put away the decorations. Not everything. Slip some merry into your heart. Gloom, that eternal pest, will return in its myriad forms. Let merry out at every little chance.  Just like that.  Dazzle gloom.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Christmas must go; stay merry”

  1. How sweet! It’s a beautiful story. Here’s wishing you lots of merry this festive season… enough merry to take you through all of the year ahead.

      1. Ah.. blast days are past…:)

        Each new year now brings new awareness… Wish you and your loved ones the very best in 2014.


  2. Lovely story as usual but found it too short. However, message well received. Thanks for reminding us to keep the child within us alive!

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