Is that string you hate holding you back or guiding you high?


Happened to come across this video in a Facebook post. It showed a scene from an old Malayalam movie: a teacher talking to his students in a simple classroom.

He was telling them a story, a story with a powerful message. One that every teacher and, perhaps, every parent would like to repeat.

This is the story, roughly translated.

See this, children. Points to the blackboard. Here is a kite. And here is a child flying that kite.

The kite was flying high. Rose higher and higher.
The child kept releasing the string by and by, according to the wind.

The kite wanted to go higher, cross the stars and reach the moon.
Then a bird happened to fly by.

A student asks: “Which bird was that sir?”
The teacher asks: “Which bird do you like?”
“Fine. So it was a parrot, a green parrot.”

So, a parrot happened to fly by.

The parrot was surprised. A kite made of paper, flying so high!

The bird congratulated the kite. Even birds cannot fly so high, the parrot said.

The proud kite replied, “I can fly far higher. But, do you see that string tied to me? Do you see that child holding on to the other end of the string? If that string were not there, I would have flown to the moon.”

The parrot was amazed. “If that is so, I can break this string for you. Then you can fly to the moon.”

The kite replied, “Then please cut it fast. This child is not letting me fly as I wish.”

The parrot cut the string.

You know what happened when the string broke?

Silence in class.

Without control, the kite plunged to earth and crashed in the mud.

The poor child cried on seeing that.

A student comments, “Serves the kite right.”
“The kite was so proud.”
The teacher stops pacing, sits on the table and addresses the students.

Children, each one of you is that kite flying high. And that child flying the kite is a teacher like me.

Fly as high as you want and I shall release the string. I shall control your flight according to the wind and let you fly to the moon.

Don’t look at that string as a restraint. If it breaks, you will lose control and crash.

How many of us hated that string? How many of us miss that string?

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4 thoughts on “Is that string you hate holding you back or guiding you high?”

  1. Lovely story! I am definitely going to use it while counseling teenagers. From children’s point of view, it applies as much to parents as to teachers. They are constantly fighting against control. Thank you.

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