Lasso the clouds and click to order your calamity


In another 50 years, he was confident, we would move the clouds. “Or, maybe 100 years,” he conceded. The researcher was responding to my joke about the weatherman never getting it right.

“Then we will decide how much it should rain, when and where,” he looked and sounded serious. “We will have timetables. It will rain in Mumbai from July 10 to 13. In Delhi from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. No traffic jam during the day.” He looked up to see if I was with him. “In fact, why should it rain in cities? Such a nuisance! We will direct the clouds to farms and lakes.”

I wondered if the wave that pushed a taxi around in Mumbai was an accident. Maybe the cabbie had a rival with a score to settle? And some advanced technology?

I thought of the Indian cricket team in England, about to lose a match badly. The captain would have loved to organize some rain to wash out play for a day or two.

What if we went beyond clouds? How would those more equal than most use the power?

“They refuse to vacate? I want a tsunami there. We will wait till the land dries up and then start constructing. And don’t forget to set up relief camps.”

“They used to shake in fear before us. How dare they not vote for us! Let’s give them a good quake. Cut off the roads first. I want to see where they go.”

Volcano icon on buttonTsunami icon on buttonLightning icon on buttonEarthquake icon on button

Somewhere far away, the ocean roils and heaves as a disputed island keeps sinking and rising up.

Lightning gets choosy, accurately striking twice and more, but only those picked to char.

Dead volcanoes erupt. The wind regulates where the ash would settle and smother. Lava flows to order.

After an uneasy night, I am back on the road driving to work the next morning. The sky is a pretty blue. The sun reflecting off the puddles on the road is blinding.

The weather forecast was for the heavy rains to continue for another 48 hours. I am amused. No, I am relieved.

All is well. At least for the next 50 or 100 years.


6 thoughts on “Lasso the clouds and click to order your calamity”

  1. Technology, my friend is never bad. It is the people who use it for bad or good purposes. I am sure when man first lit a fire, critics must have worried whether the fire would be used to burn people at the stake or whether it would be put to better uses. History tells us that it was used for bad as well as good purposes.
    In this I am not a die hard optimist. I am sure that as soon as the technology will become available, we will find ways to misuse it. Laloo will used it to settle scores with a BJP ruled state, and the Lankans will use it to starve the northern provinces of the country, and the Africans will cause another famine in Sudan or Ethiopia. Even the first use fo nuclear power was to flatten Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was much later used to produce power.
    None the less we must develop technology, Remember the motto of Audi ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ or Advancement/Progress through Technology.
    After all, what is wrong in using technology to save our team from disgrace on the cricket pitch. We have been fixing matches since long!

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