Conversations about Chanda who is in remission

Partial face of girlFather to doctor:
She keeps getting fever and is so weak.

Doctor to father:
Your child has blood cancer. We will have to start chemotherapy.

Mother to father:
But she is only three. How can she have cancer?

Chanda to mother:
Did you fight with Papa again? Don’t cry, I am there for you.

Father to mother:
Never again will we cry in front of her.

Father to mother:
I have no money left. Don’t know whom to ask. Let’s release an ad.

Stranger to parents:
Saw your ad. Oh, she likes cars! Come, bring her, let us go for a ride. Keep this money. Why does it matter who I am?

Mother to school principal:
Doctor said she is recovering and can start school. Please admit her.

Principal of school 1 to parents:
What if her cancer spreads? Other children will also get it.

Principal of school 2 to parents:
She must always wear a mask, sit separately and not mingle with other children.

Principal of school 3 to parents:
We can’t give leave every time she has to go for treatment. What is the guarantee she is cured?

Principal of school 4 to parents:
If other parents come to know, they will withdraw their children. We can’t take that risk.

Mother’s letter to father:
I am going. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life looking after a cancer patient.

Chanda to father:
Why are you crying? I am there for you.


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