The wall in the writing


The CEO’s office called just hours after I had emailed my profile. And I was sitting in his office in another city just a couple of days later.

I had seen several inspirational posters on the wall while I waited for him in the reception. There were more posters along the long corridor to the corner office.

That gave me a nice opening.

“Interesting collection of posters, Mr T N. Each an inspiring piece of communication.”

“Yes!” he was beaming. “Call me T,” he said dismissively. “I believe as a leader you cannot possibly over-communicate. Good communications make the organization.”

The writer and the businessman in me smiled in unison. What luck to land such a client, a fellow lover of good communications!

There was this minor issue that every quote was a slight rearrangement of some common maxim. And that no poster carried the author’s name, not even “Anonymous”. Of course, that was hardly the time to bring it up.

“All my work, you see!”
“Excellent, T!”
“Come, let me show you more.”

We walked through all three floors of his office. He paused to read some of his favourite lines. All along, the members of his team got up to greet him and to smile at me.

When we returned to his office, he took me to an adjoining conference room. I had barely taken a seat when one of the guys I had seen during our walk-through rushed in. He looked rather agitated and clearly didn’t expect to find me there.



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