He inspired me to balance my books


Some books inspire you, so do some people. Some people walk with you and give you just the push to find and use your own wings.

They are often inconspicuous and unaware of how they influence you. Yet, you realize their worth and contribution when you pause to take stock at some juncture. Or, like it happened this morning, an obituary catches your eye and pulls you back in time.

A gruff introduction

Chandrakant Khandelwal. I met him at a time when I had just stepped into the unknown domain of business, leaving the comfort of a job. Life was fun. I was earning money doing what I enjoyed. That I could not escape some mundane stuff like keeping books and filing returns had not yet sunk in.

It was my accountant who introduced me to Khandelwalji. He was a chartered accountant and his firm was to handle my tax matters.

Maybe I expected a warm welcome and exclamations of how happy he was to get my business. Instead, the hello was intimidating, to say the least. “This is what we charge and we don’t help you cook books,” was the gist of his introductory proclamation.



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