she woke sullen

puffed up and dark

was she crying all night?

here comes the sun

and he melts gold for her


she is blushing pink

everything is all right


the hurrying breeze

but the cuckoo

must shout it

to the whole world


Economically efficient placement

Experienced recruiters know that placing the job ad right is half the battle. Does that mean a tiny ad in a giant publication? Or a full page in a not-so-hot competitor? With no guarantees forthcoming from the publications, apart from tall claims about circulation and readership, how do you guard against a deluge of mediocre applications?

The Economist seems to have got it right. They need a journalist to cover China. So where do they place the announcement (not really an advertisement)? On page 26 of their issue of January 29, right at the bottom; point size tinier than body text.

So, who is going to see that?

Someone who reads the magazine closely.

Someone who pays particular attention to the Asia section, where the announcement is placed.

Someone who is eager to work for The Economist.

Chances are The Economist is precisely looking for that someone.

Economical and efficient. Also effective?

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